Emmanuele has been focusing her career on self-development, elaborating training routines to improve her corporeality in different dance styles to implement in her creative processes, physical preparation, healthy eating habits, theoretical research and textual production for the development of new projects at national and international levels. Among her sources of inspiration are her parents, her grandmothers and stories of Afro-Diasporic resistance. ASSOCIATE ARTISTS Dance Schools / Dance Projects:
○ Social Project Biblioteca do Engenho do Mato (2014-2015)
○ Jaime Arôxa Dance School (2016)
○ Dança CCC- Centro Cultural Carioca (2017)
○ Spot Project (2019)

○ Sambamaníacos Congress (2016)
○ Rio H2K International Dance Festival (2016 -2019)

○ Convergência Urbana de Dança (2019-2020)

Recent Artistic Development Programmes
○ New and Notable (Just Us Dance Theatre and Dance Cypher Brazil- 2019)
○ EVOLVE (Just Us Dance Theatre and Studio Godson- 2020)
Emmanuele Uereaua FERNANDA CAMPOS
ASSOCIATE ARTISTS FERNANDA CAMPOS Emmanuele Uereaua Fernanda Campos is a dancer and teacher from the West side of Rio de Janeiro. Started dancing at age 8, going through ballet, jazz, contemporary and now acting more on street dances, and now is graduated in Dance for the UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DO RIO DE JANEIRO(UFRJ), where she developed her research. Her research consists in showing the importance of social street dance projects in the favelas of Rio, making use of black and “periférica” representation to get a better “yield” in the classes. And with that, make street dance a powerful tool of social education.

○ Arriscado (extension course and research between contemporary dance and acrobacy of the dance college of UFRJ): creative interpreter (2013 – 2014)
○ Comrua cia de dança: creative interpreter (2013 – 2015)
○ House Of Cazul: creative interpreter (since 2015)