THE TEAM Artistic Director Read more about Joseph at Joseph Toonga Creates. JOSEPH TOONGA emily crouch DANI SANDS GRACE ANYIAM elliot banks ANDRIEA SANTA CRISTINA Joseph Toonga is originally from the Cameroon and was raised in East London. He is a choreographer existing in different territories, creating nationally and internationally, touring his own work and being commissioned to create on others.

He is also the co-founder of artist-led Hip Hop initiative ‘Artists4Artists’, a breakthrough artist-led initiative activating industry change for the UK Hip Hop dance theatre community.

Emily Graduated from London Contemporary Dance School in 2012 and established herself quickly as a reputable female performer working for Opera De Bauge, Danish Dance Theatre, National Dance Company of Wales and Just Us Dance Theatre where she was introduced to the Hip Hop form and culture.

After her first child she transitioned from performer to rehearsal director for Joseph Toonga and JUDT and supported the curation and establishment of the Let’s Shine Mentorship programme and their national and international touring activity.

In 2016 as well as becoming core producing support for Joseph Toonga, Emily became a founding team member of Artists 4 Artists alongside Joseph Toonga and Lee Griffiths: creating the UK’s first artist led initiative working to upskill Hip Hop choreographers and raise the visibility of the sector.

She has previously worked as a freelance producer with organisation’s The Place, Greenwich Dance, East London Dance and in 2017 worked for Richard Alston Dance Company. Previous artists include Theo ‘Godson’ Oloyade (K.R.U.M.P Macbeth), Caramel Solider and Jorge Crecis, Nadia Gardner and Ricardo Da Silva. She currently works producing for Kloe Dean. And supports Nadia Gardner and Theo ‘Godson’ Oloyade.

Emily is a pleasure to work with, she is conscientious with an eye for detail and strategic, making considered decision making. She has been a key driving force in building successful projects with Joseph Toonga and Just Us Dance Theatre – Helen Dawson, DanceEast.

An American photographer and filmmaker from Georgia. After 7 years of being in the US Army as a combat cameraman, Elliott moved to London to work as a freelance content creator.

Specializing in fashion photography and film, Music videos, and short films. While utilizing his unique background he is able to use his experience to be able to tell stories that are visually and emotionally captivating for anyone watching.

Elliott began working with Just Us Dance Theatre in 2020 and collaborated with Joseph Toonga for the Born to Manifest digital series that began in August 2020.
THE TEAM Content Creator & Cinematographer ANDRIEA SANTA CRISTINA DANI SANDS GRACE ANYIAM elliot banks JOSEPH TOONGA emily crouch
THE TEAM JOSEPH TOONGA emily crouch elliot banks DANI SANDS GRACE ANYIAM ANDRIEA SANTA CRISTINA Digital Engagement Manager I am excited to work with Just Us Dance Theatre as it is a company with the same values I have as an artist. I want to help improve the visibility of Hip-Hop Theatre and what the company does, to make sure followers don't miss any of the many opportunities offered by Just Us. I look forward to developing the online presence of the company with creativity and engagement. The team is expanding and I am honoured to be part of it. Dani Sands was born in Brasil, moving to Spain when she was 11. At the age of 18 she pursued training in performing arts finding her love for Hip-Hop dance. 3 years later she moved to London to focus on her career as a dancer and graduated from University of East London with an Urban Dance degree in 2018. She spent almost 8 years actively involved in the dance scene in London attending jams, battles, workshops and other events. She worked in a variety of music videos, films and commercials, also danced for choreographers Tony Adigun (Identity), Duwane Taylor (Conform to Rebel), Chris Reyes (Caravan Immersive), DanI Harris (Nanny), Brian Guillespie (B-Hybrid company) and others. She also had a successful Arts Council application in 2018 for her own piece of work 'Yo Macho' working as a director, choreographer and dancer.
She is the founder and creative director of Dance Cypher, highlighting the underground dance scene and curating events for the community. In 2019 she created Dance Cypher Brasil with the mission to connect UK and Brazilian artists, leading to curate an artistic development programme in collaboration with Just Us Dance Theatre in Rio de Janeiro called Novo & Notável in that same year.
Dani is also the artistic director of Ladies Touch, an all female dance collective with training in urban dances.
With her works, she pursues to convey female empowerment, create spaces for exchanges between artists and support the underground dance scene.

THE TEAM JOSEPH TOONGA emily crouch elliot banks DANI SANDS GRACE ANYIAM ANDRIEA SANTA CRISTINA Working for JUDT, I am excited to see how projects share hip hop culture, communicate life stories of those previously unheard, and the lessons our audiences will learn from them. Trainee Producer Trainee Producer
Grace is a Producer and Singer from London, currently completing an M.A in Dance Production & Management at London Studio Centre. She has a passion for increasing access to the arts, and giving Black creatives a platform to showcase their talents. Her favourite genres are contemporary dance, liturgical dance & musical theatre.

THE TEAM JOSEPH TOONGA emily crouch elliot banks DANI SANDS GRACE ANYIAM ANDREIA SANTA CRISTINA Trainee Producer I’m very excited and grateful for Joseph and Emily taking me on board, definitely having someone guiding me through the process of research and into making the best decisions and why are we making them, makes the difference. Has been a pleasure to connect with the Brazilian Dance Community and I can’t wait to see what we will be creating Andreia Santa Cristina Originates from Switzerland but was raised in a small town close to Oporto, Portugal. Passionate about being creative and helping the community, in 2013 she graduated at Colegio Liceal de Santa Maria de Lamas with a Level 4 in Social Sciences, where she was introduced to Event Production. In the same year she completed a 600hours course at All About Dance Academy in Urban Dance where she was introduced to Hip-Hop form and Culture in a deeper level.
In 2016, after 3 years of being injured, she decided to do a NCFE Level 1 in Performance Skills.
As a recent Graduated from University of East London, she’s interested in working in hip-hop / dance theatre artist development company and enhancing her skills within producing. Currently Andreia is part of Just Us Dance Theatre as a Trainee Producer, she’s developing the project EVOLVE as well as Novo e Notavel 2021 Brasil.