Aisha Webber Aisha was born and raised in Nottingham and is of Jamaican Heritage. Growing up she would always play Reggae, Dancehall and Hip hop in her parents household and seeing the social grooves in the music videos inspired her to learn them and also educate herself about the culture behind them. She joined NuProjeks where she found her love for Poppin and later joined JME Dance Company. Most recently she became a part of Bridgang’s training programme and has an aspiration to dance for artists like Kendrick Lamar. She has previously performed at Breakin’ Convention, the Birmingham Commonwealth handover ceremony and displayed her work at Xzibit Young Creatives.
Cache Thake Dillon Graham Leroy Kanyowa Penelope Klamert Cache is a dancer from East London. Cache was home-schooled, and during this time period is when he started to dance as a hobby and a way to build confidence, taking classes at the Zoonation Academy of dance. During his teenage years Cache aspired to be an actor, studying a BTEC in Drama at Westminster Kingsway college and working on various commercials in the industry. He then later studied Dance at Kingston University, where he fell in love with dance, and Hip Hop specifically and decided to pursue a professional career. He has trained in various street dance styles, and he is now working and training with the likes of Boy Blue, Just Us Dance Theatre and Zoonation The Kate Prince Company, striving to work in the realms of Hip Hop Theatre full time. MEET THE 2021 COMPANY Dilyon was Born and raised in South London and his main style is Hip Hop. Growing up, he was always around Hip Hop, Reggae and R&B music at home and couldn’t stand still whenever music was playing. Dance for Dilyon is deeper than just movement, it is a way to express himself, his emotions and to tell stories, whether it’s freestyle or choreography. He has previously performed at the O2 indigo in Greenwich, Move it Dance Convention, and performed twice at the Royal Albert Hall with khronos Agoria during his time at the Brits School. In his spare time he also likes to do GFX on photoshop and produce music for artists and dancers. He has been producing for about 7 years and have been part of works for saskilla, C Cane, Breakin Convention (back to the lab), rinse Fm, Dance battles and had his beat played one BBC radio.
Leroy kanyowa is a self taught Hip Hop dancer from Dagenham. As well as developing as an exciting artist in his own right, he is a founding member of one of east London’s most exciting dance crews, VDC. He has work along artists such as Yxng bane, chipmunk and Dblock Europe, through tours and music videos.

Leroy’s ambition is to have his own dance school within his community so he can share his developing skills and knowledge with the younger generation. He also aspire’s to develop a dance style in which is strong within traditional street dance foundations but has a trendy new era twist.
Penelope was born and raised in Vienna (Austria). She was a very active child training in acrobatics from a young age alongside other sports like snowboarding and surfing. At the age of 15 Penelope chose to make her love for movement into a career path and started a 3 year course in Ballet and Contemporary while finishing her Matura (A-Levels). After graduating Penelope moved to London to expand her training, studying at London Studio Centre. She enjoys learning and developing in all sorts of styles, aspiring to be a dancer that sees movement as movement and is able to adapt. Soon after moving to London however Penelope discovered her passion for Hip Hop which she started to immerse in her last years of college and onwards from then. Since seeing her first Hip Hop theatre show in London, she has been working towards being a part of it one day.