EVOLVE We are currently running EVOLVE for one month in Brazil with a team of Brazilian facilitators and dancers.

keep your eyes peeled for the wrap up and follow us on Instagram to see how the programme is getting on.
WATCH THE VIDEO HERE EVOLVE is a programme that aims to put self-development and wellbeing at the forefront of their training, while providing a network/peer support system to encourage and challenge each other through the programme.
The programme is aimed at artists, battlers from the Hip Hop scene, between the ages of 18-30 years old who want to develop their understanding of their bodies, best practice/training, skill exchange and nutrition and food.

EVOLVE was formed out the passion Just Us Dance Theatre has for self-practice/artist development and creating an environment that artists can grow, fail, learn and succeed in finding their own journeys and effective way to develop as an artist/battler and together with Studio Godson who shares that same ethos we have developed EVOLVE.
This programme will entail sessions in:
○ Best practice to develop your craft – poppin, Breaking, Krump, Hip Hop & House
○ Martial Arts – Brazilian Jui Jitsu
○ Speed and agility
○ Boxing
○ Live talks with influencer
○ Live talks from people sharing their self-practice
○ Cooking tutorials
○ Mid programme review
○ Continual skill exchange page e.g. podcast, music, language (trade a skill with a peer)