Just Us Hip Hop Apprenticeship Co.


Continuing Just Us Dance Theatre’s responsive style of working they have created the first UK Hip Hop apprenticeship dance company. This will create an access route specifically for young black and ethnic minorities or dancers from low economic backgrounds and provide an alternative pathway into the professional sector.
Being part of this annually ran company will include:

  • A weekly wage
  • Morning classes in a variety of styles (Hip Hop styles and non- dance practices including capoeira and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)
  • Workshops to equip them with knowledge on how to sustain a self-employed career (including self-care sessions for the body and mind)
  • Rehearsals to create a new piece of work, that will have a national tour

Current sessions include:

  • Popping
  • Hip Hop grooves
  • House
  • Body maintenance
  • Speed, agility & power
  • Safeguarding for teachers
  • Ginastica Natural

Current teachers include:

  • Shawn Aimey
  • Kloe Dean
  • Ricardo Da Silva
  • Nicky Ellis
  • Hakeem Saber
  • Emily Crouch
  • Alleyne Dance
  • Julia Cheng
  • SELFE/ Hayleigh Sellors

This apprenticeship company aims to:

Build highly skilled, employable performers who are confident

Feed the Hip Hop ecology, sustaining the high quality of work by current makers


There is an essential gap in the industry where often those underrepresented and from lower economic backgrounds fall short and get deprived from engaging in high quality artistic opportunities to progress a career in the arts.

There is a persistent lack of diversity and inclusivity in cultural organisations, leadership, governance, workforce and audience, due to the lack of understanding and catering of creative opportunities, which is why it is difficult to curate opportunities that can cater to also include those from different backgrounds.

Meet the first cohort of performers

Dilyon Graham

Leroy Kanyowa

Penelope Klamert

Cache Thake

Aisha Webber

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